Help us take care of our planet


Each monetary donation paid to our foundation’s account helps us achieve our statutory goals.

Throughout the year, you can make a donation directly to the Foundation’s account at Bank PKO BP
account number: 49 1020 5226 0000 6302 0737 8906
title: “Donation for statutory purposes”

Did you know that all donations are tax deductible:
for natural persons, a limit of up to 6% of income,
for legal persons, a limit of up to 10% of income.

Making a payment directly to the Foundation’s account allows you to take advantage of the “relief for donations” when settling PIT. In the title of the transfer, enter “Donation for statutory purposes”. Then, when settling accounts with the tax office, it is enough to fill in the appropriate fields in the PIT-37, PIT-36 or PIT-28 form and add the PIT/O attachment. Please keep your proof of payment.

Thank you for supporting us 😊

According to the assumptions of the Green Gaya Foundation, all donations go to statutory purposes. Would you like to find out what specific activities of the Foundation your donation is intended for? Write to us!

Physical donations

You can also support our activities by donating any in-kind gifts to the Foundation free of charge.
We will gladly accept office supplies: paper, envelopes, binders; electronics and household appliances; cleaning products, in a word, everything. which may be useful on a daily basis in the Foundation’s office and visitors during workshops and lectures.
Every zloty we save will be spent on planting plants in our city🌱☺️
If you want to support us in this or any other way, please contact us.

Help with

Do you shop online?
Did you know that you can help our foundation at the same time?

We joined FaniMani. Join too! You will not incur any additional costs. It is the store that will give us a commission on your purchases.
How to do it?
1. Register at
If you register from this link – – and shop through FaniMani, we will receive an additional PLN 5.

2. Go to the selected online store and shop as usual, and we will receive part of their value and we will be able to implement the statutory goals of our Foundation!
And… that’s all!
Most importantly – you won’t pay a penny more❗♻️