Room rental

Are you looking for a spacious and convenient place to organize training, classes, lectures, conferences or business meetings?

The Green Gaya Foundation invites you to take advantage of the room rental offer.

We are located at 4 Bernardyńska Street in Wrocław (500 m from the Market Square, 200 m from the Dominikańska Gallery, 200 m from the Racławicka Panorama Museum, 350 m from the Market Hall, 350 m from Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard)

The building where our rooms are located is located in an alley of the Old Town, surrounded by climatic buildings and trees. The rooms are high, bright and spacious, the view from the windows shows the beautiful greenery of the Old Town.
The rooms are adapted to conduct all kinds of theoretical and practical classes, as well as conferences and trainings. We have 3 rooms, with the possibility of adapting them to your own concepts. We have 20 tables and 60 chairs, cabinets, white boards and much more.

We have three rooms:

  • Room  ,,MAGNOLIA” 43,1 m2 (90 zł/h)
  • Room ,,SEKWOJA” 68,5 m2 (110 zł/h)
  • Room ,,KLON” – KITCHEN with equipment (250 zł/h)

Nasze pomieszczenia są dostępne do wynajmu przez cały tydzień, łącznie z weekendami.
Przy dłuższym wynajmie cena ustalana indywidualnie, a dla organizacji pozarządowych przygotowaliśmy specjalną ofertę!

For more information and to make a reservation, please contact us on the phone number +48 696 840 585 or by e-mail

By renting our rooms, you support the functioning of the Green Gaya Foundation.