Excursion to the Botanical Garden

November 9, 2022

There’s nothing better than a stroll through the Botanical Garden on a Saturday afternoon☺️☀️☀️

As part of the project , “Academy of small ecology” we recently had the opportunity to conduct workshops in this wonderful place 💚

If you don’t already have plans for next week, please join us now on Tuesday, November 15 at 3:40 pm for a workshop entitled. “Is the soil really alive?”

👉 The components that build soil (animate and inanimate parts) will be discussed there. Participants will also go to the field to collect samples of various types of soil, which will be used for further “laboratory” analysis: testing of soil reaction, temperature, observation of soil-dwelling species

📍 The workshop will be held at the headquarters of the Green Gaya Foundation at 4 Bernardyńska Street, from where the participants, together with the facilitators, will go to the field. During the workshop there will also be time for fun, integration, as well as a small refreshment prepared by us 😋

📝 Don’t wait and sign up today: https://forms.gle/wt5Bm2HmdYUsQmcg7

, “The project is co-financed under the project “NGO Microgrants” implemented from the funds of the Municipality of Wroclaw” www.wroclaw.pl

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