Agnieszka Gębarzewska

She has been living in Wroclaw since she was born and for all this time she has been observing its changes and development. She participates in and observes various cultural and sports events of the city. She has always worked in Wroclaw companies, which makes her see how important is the cooperation of all city organizations with each other. She sees a great need for intergenerational integration through, among other things, dance.  In her free time, likes to take part in dance classes in a Latin climate.

Aleksandra Cybulska

Graduate of Landscape Architecture at the University of Opole. During her studies, she participated in numerous projects and workshops related to both green space development and environmental protection.

Due to her education, she is significantly involved in the protection of plants, by maintaining biodiversity and preventing and reducing the negative effects of human activity on the environment. She is passionate about animals – their well-being is not indifferent to her either.

In her free time, she hikes in the mountains, fulfilling her greatest dream – traveling around the world.

Katarzyna Kulik-Fijał

Graduate of Wroclaw University of Economics with a specialization in Financial Management and SWPS with a specialization in Psychology of Management and Marketing. An active entrepreneur. She has two wonderful children and a husband who is also her best friend. Thanks to her family and her passion, which is yoga, she has the motivation and strength to take on the challenges of running an advertising agency and print shop in such a dynamic and colorful industry as advertising with full commitment.

Wiktoria Tadla

A high school student majoring in landscape architecture, an active volunteer in various social projects and a member of many youth organizations. With her activities she wants to promote the idea of volunteering and taking care of the common future. In her free time, she carries out environmental protection activities, and is interested in self-development and a healthy lifestyle. She loves traveling around the world and the high level of adrenaline provided through motor sports.

Paula Gniewczynska

By education, MA in landscape architecture. Privately a happy mother of one-year-old Julia, who drives her to action. Her greatest passion is traveling the world, from which she brings not only memories, but also a lot of inspiration. She would like to create cities in Poland in accordance with the principles of biophilic urbanism, following the example of the largest agglomerations.

Grażyna Tadla

The Founder of the Green Gaya Foundation. A landscape architect by profession with a passion for this field. She has been running a company since 2010, which focuses on the complex arrangement of green areas in cities. These are primarily public areas such as parks and squares.In her free time, she devotes herself to personal development and loves talking to people and building relationships with them. She is interested in automobiles, loves to travel in a camper and can’t imagine life without coffee. However, above anything else, she loves people, nature and life.

Excursion to the Botanical Garden

November 9, 2022

There’s nothing better than a stroll through the Botanical Garden on a Saturday afternoon☺️☀️☀️

As part of the project , “Academy of small ecology” we recently had the opportunity to conduct workshops in this wonderful place 💚

If you don’t already have plans for next week, please join us now on Tuesday, November 15 at 3:40 pm for a workshop entitled. “Is the soil really alive?”

👉 The components that build soil (animate and inanimate parts) will be discussed there. Participants will also go to the field to collect samples of various types of soil, which will be used for further “laboratory” analysis: testing of soil reaction, temperature, observation of soil-dwelling species

📍 The workshop will be held at the headquarters of the Green Gaya Foundation at 4 Bernardyńska Street, from where the participants, together with the facilitators, will go to the field. During the workshop there will also be time for fun, integration, as well as a small refreshment prepared by us 😋

📝 Don’t wait and sign up today:

, “The project is co-financed under the project “NGO Microgrants” implemented from the funds of the Municipality of Wroclaw”

Creative sandwich making workshop

November 10, 2022

We would like to invite you to the next activities for children and young people from Ukraine carried out under the project “Under the Wroclaw Umbrella UNICEF”, which is supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund 🇺🇦.

The meeting will be held next Tuesday (15.11.2022) at 16:00 at our headquarters (4 Bernardyńska Street in Wroclaw) 🏡.

The program includes.

– a lecture on the mating dances of animals (how animals “dance” and

behave during the mating season and which of them are endangered


– discussion on Polish Christmas traditions

– refreshments



For everyone there will be a surprise GIFT ❤.

Recently we had a great time during the workshop of making creative sandwiches 🙂 Join us and have a nice time with us! We also welcome new participants, there is a place for everyone🥳.

Do you have any questions? Get back to us.

Ist meeting of the series , “GREEN Wednesdays”

🌱 Yesterday at the headquarters of our foundation a conference was held as part of the meeting in the series , “GREEN Wednesdays” 🌱

It was attended by many representatives of various communities. The main topic was “Man in the modern world, and the environment around him”🍀.

Once again, we thank everyone immensely for their presence and hope for more such meetings 🙂